The aim of EEP is to develop student-centered education by focusing on assessment and guidance practices and by developing an empowering and dynamic approach to the ePortfolio process. This is being done in order to increases students’ motivation in their learning and career management, enhance employability prospects as well as their social participation in the digital world. The main target of the project is to develop students’ continuous engagement in assessment and improve their digital competence in making their professional identity transparent by steering their career learning using an ePortfolio. The focus is on the creative process undertaken by students as well as teacher’s guiding process. EEP focuses particularly on empowering the students to participate in assessment processes and improving the students’ creativity by developing innovative ways to make their competences transparent in digital environments.

The project seeks innovative ways and models to improve the educational environment in a way that the students can create portfolios during their studies and use them in different transition stages from one level of education to another or from education to work life (and vice versa). This requires digital competence both from the students and their teachers (who are in guiding roles) to make the students’ skills and competences visible. In addition, EEP aims to strengthen the HE institutions’ operations and culture in applying innovative assessment and guidance methods, in recognizing prior learning and competences acquired outside formal education and training, as well as digital competence development at individual (student and teacher) and organisational level.

On the other hand, EEP seeks to modernise the educational environment by utilising a variety of tools and applications integral to the digital portfolio process. These new tools are aimed to increase the students’ life-long learning skills, especially digital competence in the modern world as well as career management skills and employability. Additionally, through enhanced transparency of assessment and improved practices there will be a significant impact on the credit transfer and recognition of skills and competences.

EEP enhances digital integration in learning through an improved ePortfolio process used in HE institutions, which eases the students’ guidance and assessment processes and enables their competences to become more transparent both to their HE institutions/teachers and to their possible future employers. The ePortfolio process also emphasises the students’ role and responsibility in their own learning and thus, increases their skills and active citizenship. Through the use of ePortfolios, the assessment and guidance process will be developed which aims to improve the quality and relevance of higher education.

To summarise, EEP aims to:
• develop inspiring assessment and guidance practices in competence-based higher education, by increasing students’ engagement empowered by the use of a dynamic ePortfolio process drawn from the sharing of best practice
• increase student motivation and participation by focusing on personal accomplishments, creative ways of making competences visible in the digital world, developmental assessment integrating learning and reflection, and using competence-based criteria
• reflect the complexity, depth and scope of teaching and learning in an education-related career in a meaningful and accessible way for students.

The EEP is a creative endeavour, which acknowledges the innovative contribution ePortfolios make in aligning competence-based assessment criteria in degree programmes with the skills and competencies demanded by the 21st century world of work. In addition, EEP acknowledges that digital competence is a potential barrier to the successful implementation of ePortfolios and this is factored in to the developmental nature of the pilot activities in the project.


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