A great and empowering experience

In September 2016, we started with the Erasmus+ project ‘Empowering ePortfolio process’, together with five other higher educational institutes from Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Portugal and Finland as project leader.

For UCLL, the project was performed in the educational bachelor programme ‘Biomedical laboratory technology’ (BLT). The team of instructors consists of a combination of professional bachelors, masters and/or masters with Ph. D. degree. The educational programme BLT has level six of the Flemish Qualification Framework (related to European Qualification framework) and has a duration of three academic years. The first year is a common year for all the students. From the second year on, students can choose between ‘Pharmaceutical and biological laboratory technology’ (FBT), which is more biomedical research related, or ‘Medical laboratory technology’ (MLT) that is more related to the clinical field.

Within the project, we had a lot of interesting and empowering meetings at the different locations to discuss and work on our different pilot activities, but we also disseminated to our colleagues.

Our Biomedical laboratory technology programme will implement an ePortfolio for the first time in their curriculum in September 2018. Especially for organizational issues, a pilot was performed in March 2018 containing just one small task about the choice students have to make between FBT and MLT. The portfolio coordinator found the tool we used, MyPortfolio, which is available within our Toledo-platform, a useful and clear tool. Also students did not experience a lot of problems. Only a few questions were asked. To introduce the portfolio to our students, the portfolio coordinator started with an introduction session, where she used a lot of screenshots. This small pilot strengthened the user-friendliness of the tool and gives self-confidence to the portfolio coordinator.

Other tasks will be further developed and refined in the next couple of months. It will be a challenge since the ePortfolio will be implemented in the overall curriculum and not just in one curricular unit. This was very important for us because one of the aims is to make intercourse and interdisciplinary generic competences more transparent and visible within the BLT study programme. In this way, students have the opportunity to grow and learn about different generic competences in a fluent way.

We try to motivate students to work on 21st century competences and become next generation graduated students which contribute to the expectations of the working field and we hope all the stakeholders can benefit from it.

We thank all the national and international partners from EEP to inspire us within this project and we invite you all to watch our summary movie.


Devaere Karolien




A lot of interesting work

Currently, Belgium is preparing the next training week taking place in Leuven from 19/2/2018 till 23/2/2018. On Tuesday 20/2/2018, a dissemination event “Practices on ePortfolio” will be organized where all of you are invited. More information on this event is available here.

Specifically for UC Leuven, I can inform you that we are preparing the pilot activity of the ePortfolio which includes the strategy for students to make a considered choice between our two different educational degrees. With some preliminary questions such as ‘How do you make this choice?’ and ‘Which elements influence your choice?’, we help students from the first year to choose between ‘Pharmaceutical and biological laboratory technology’ (FBT) or ‘Medical laboratory technology’ (MLT). A choice students have to make after they finished our first year.

This pilot activity will be the first time that ePortfolio is introduced in our educational program ‘Biomedical laboratory technology’. With the help of this EEP project, we will not only show students the benefits of ePortfolio, but also to our lecturers and other stakeholders like internship mentors.

In March, we will start with one activity of our ePortfolio, as mentioned before, but in September we will implement our ePortfolio completely as part of the three year study cycle in our educational program. The main aim of our ePortfolio is to make some learning outcomes, of which the most are more generic competences, more visible in our curriculum. The structure of the ePortfolio is as indicated in this figure:


Our ePortfolio will consist of three parts, each containing several tasks. The parts are ‘Lifelong learning’, ‘My (study)career’ and ‘Social responsibility’. Additionally, ‘My personal growth’ contributes to all other parts and can be seen as a fourth part. Each part will offer some (reflective) tasks that students need to combine in their ePortfolio.

The pilot activity is a part of ‘My (study) career’.

You can imagine that during this period there is a lot of interesting work to be done on ePortfolio at UC Leuven.

UC Leuven ucll

An exciting month

March will be an exciting month for us with the planned training/dissemination in Portugal, Setúbal, were we will be able to share students perspectives and experiences regarding ePortfolio amongst different partners.

The UCLL-pilot is the educational program ‘Biomedical laboratory  technology’ which is located at two different campuses (Leuven-Diepenbeek) due to a recent merger. At the moment we are working on a common curriculum for both campuses which takes into account the recent and future evolutions in the working field and tackles some existing problems. A lot of ideas concerning ePortfolio are circulating. We want to use ePortfolio to solve some of the existing obstacles like visualization of generic competences and optimalisation of internship assessment. During the project contacts with project partners make those ideas change, extend,…

At this stage we don’t use an ePortfolio yet and that’s why the questioning of  our students might  have a slightly different outcome compared to the other partners. For us –and hopefully also for you- it was very interesting to ask our  senior year students whether they think an ePortfolio would be useful during their internship, for example to communicate between different stakeholders.  Besides that, the questionnaire also focused on more general aspects like students motivation to work with ePortfolio and the supports they need. For us, the results of the questionnaire reflect students ideas and perspectives on ePortfolio. Due to the fact that students are the educational clients of our curriculum, these ideas and expectations will be taken into account while  implementing ePortfolio into the new curriculum.

Besides our meeting in Setúbal we will have a lot of international contacts at our campus in Leuven this month, since we are organizing an international week. This annual event was organized for the first time in 2008

The objectives of this week are:

  • make an offer to students who do not participate in international exchanges to develop their international competences;
  • pooling visits of international partners and offer them an interesting, inspiring and vibrant week;
  • strengthening our partnernetwork (national and international);
  • initiate international education and/or research projects.

Over the years this event has grown bigger and bigger. At this moment we welcome over 50 national and international partners and ± 60 incoming international students.

We are looking forward to meet all our international partners this month!

Ellen – Karolien UC Leuven