Time flies – outcomes on the way

Editing and preparing our next publications has shed light to the developing use of ePortfolios. Our next publication, coming out soon, is focused on employers’ perspectives how digital portfolios can be used to make hiring process more successful. It seems that even though employers ask applicants to provide digital material and videos, they do not always use the word ”portfolio”. We will present many interesting viewpoints of employers and discuss how digital portfolios can help to match the young employees and jobs in the best possible way.

The following publication, coming out later this spring, will be focused on teachers’ and organizational perspectives, which we have already explored and developed in our pilots. So in that sense, the articles in that publication make us to classify and clarify what are the most essential aspects in creating an empowering process. What does it mean in teachers’ work and how it need to be seen from the organizational standpoint?

Time flies 🙂 We had a successful training week in Leuven in February. Big thanks for our Belgian partners for hard work organizing the week, it was very intensive and effective helping us to reach our goals. This spring we will focus on finalizing the publications and progressing with our pilots. The project will end on October 2018, so we still have some time for collaboration 🙂



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