Training week– March 21th to 25th

The first Training Week of the Project took place in the School of Education of the Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal (ESE / IPS) from March 2017, 21st to 25th and culminated with the second dissemination event – Multiplier Event.
The training week was dedicated to the theme “Building ownership of students – empowering assessment and guidance methods” with the participation of the partners from the various countries.
It was an intense week in which we lived very interesting and diversified experiences. We began the work sharing results of the Output # 3, at the School of Education of Setúbal balconies space.

Gallery Walking at ESE/IPS

The topics covered on the second day of the training week were ePortfolios assessment methodologies and feedback. There were workshops organized by Portugal and Ireland, respectively, that challenged us to reflect on the importance of these two aspects of ePortfolio as strategies for learning and evaluation.

img2 img3
Assessment Feedback

Throughout the training week work sessions, there were many moments in small groups where we shared ideas and were built a sense of belonging to a community. The group has always been available to work on the different proposals, and fundamentally it has maintained a critical sense and the will to construct a healthy and engaging work environment.

img4 img5
Metaphors Eportfolio at a distance

On Thursday we also participated in two workshops with various themes. The Danish team brought us a proposal to use metaphors as catalysts for reflection and collaboration. The Belgian team offered us reflections on a number of critical issues in an ePortfolios development experience.
The last day of workshops was dedicated to an extracurricular ePortefolios experience presented by the Belgian team. We finished it with a session about the use of Badges, dynamised by the Finnish team, in which we also worked in small groups.

img6 img7
I-portfolio Badges

The construction of a community is not made exclusively from moments of sharing on the theme of this community. The moments of leisure, where informal conversation allows us to share other interests, are catalysts for the creation of bonds between its members. In this sense, the Portuguese team organized the training week in collaboration with CIMOB, that accompanied the group in some visits to the region.
Two cultural visits were organized to the european team: the José Maria da Fonseca Caves which include Casa Museu and the Water Mill of the Moorish Estate.

p1 p2
José Maria da Fonseca Caves Water Mill of the Moorish Estate

One late afternoon to stroll in Lisbon, in the gardens of Belém, was another moment of leisure.

Gardens of Belém, Lisbon

The Multiplier Event took place on the 25th in the ESE amphitheater, subordinate to the topic What triggers students to create ePortfolios? This was the space and the time where the partners shared their work to the national and foreign stakeholders who attended the event.


s1 s2
s3 ips

Dissemination Seminar – What triggers students to create ePortfolios?

In short, it was an arduous week, enriched by the proposals presented and by the availability that all showed to reflect on them. Each of us got a little richer and consequently the project was valued.
In September we will have more work together … this time it will be in Ireland.

Portuguese Partners from ESE/IPS
Ana Luisa Oliveira Pires
Maria do Rosário Rodrigues
Ana Maria Pessoa


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