How to use EEP WordPress?

Our web pages are up and running. Let me clarify the idea of the web pages for new readers:

The project partners will keep a blog. This means that followers will have an article to read concerning eportfolio process from different points of view. You may follow the blog by writing to your email address in ”Follow blog via email”.


Under page ”Events” you will find already the results of the first event. There is the first page: 1 Current best practices in engaging ePortfolio process. You will find partners conclusions of their own country practices at the moment. There is already all of our events mentioned and you may follow up coming information during the project. In page ”Meetings” you will find materials related to our project meetings. At the moment it’s possible to read materials of our kick off meeting in Finland.

All of our partners’ contact information will be found in page ”Partners”. How ever page ”For Partners” is our works space that is not public. Nor is our Facebook group that is meant for our internal work flow. Glossary will be published later. It is important to agree meanings of terms.

I hope you will enjoy this journey with us in Empowering ePortfolio Process!




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